13 Things About Wood Railing You May Not Have Known
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Virtually no stairs can do without railings and metal fencing. It consists of a combination of the following components: racks, railings, and handrails. Today you will find out 13 things about wood railing you may have known.
It is customary to think that metal railings and fences are one part of the stairs. To date, this is not true. Now they are made as two separate components, and stamps do not exist.
In the production of metal fences for stairs, ferrous metal is used, which emphasizes the exclusivity of style and the relevance of the structure. High-quality coverage allows them to serve for a long time. This is one of 13-th things about wood railing you may not have known. The cost of metal handrails is not too high in comparison with natural materials, such as natural ones. Ladder metal railings, combined with other materials, make the construction extravagant and unique.
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Typical examples of wood railing also include several items from 13-th things about wood railing you may have known:
Stainless steel railing with a wooden handrail;
Fences made of stainless steel with bolts and wooden railing;
Wall wooden handrail;
Fences with a glass balusters.
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Original examples of wooden railings:
Fence with self-supporting glass;
Glass fences without racks;
Combined fencing with racks;
Combined fencing with glass.
Advantages of wooden railings:
Wood is easy to process, which is why wood can be used to make products of any shape;
The tree can be painted in any desired color and materialize any creative idea;
Wooden railings look fashionable and fashionable;
Wood fences are premium-class;
Great in any decoration;
The tree looks elegant with other materials;
Wood handrails are pleasant to feel;
Wooden railing eco-friendly;
Give the room a warm atmosphere.
The most important thing when choosing the necessary handrail is its degree of convenience when girth. The handrail should be reliable, not too small and not too large, smooth – without knots and chipping. Wooden handrails for stairs should not have sharp corners since the flaws of this design are very often causes of injury. Before buying railing, you must decide style they will be performed. This is due to the harmony in the combination of all elements of the interior of your home. It is also important that these elements are made of the same wood.
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Railings are an integral element of almost any staircase. The material for their manufacture can be metal, wood, brick, plastic, glass, concrete or various types of composites. At the same time, wooden rails are most in demand in private homes. They perform several functions at once. Firstly, they are a reliable fence. Secondly, it is convenient to support, which is especially important for children and the elderly. Third, the railings have a decorative function, perfectly complementing the staircase design.
In the production of natural wood, railing used pine, oak, larch, ash, cherry, cedar, and other species.
Features of various types of wood:
Pine occupies the top positions of the popularity rating of wood materials. This unpretentious culture grows on a large part of the land mass of the globe. Its unique structure is easy to process.
Beech is slightly inferior to pine in popularity and surpasses it much in strength. The main disadvantage of beech is the hygroscopicity of the rock.
A reliable material for the manufacture of railings and stairs read oak. Oak products for the price of several more expensive than other wood counterparts. The durability and unmatched beauty of oak products make them a priority among connoisseurs of luxury. Absolute polishing of the oak surface is difficult to do since the rock has a porous structure. The same factor is the cause of uneven darkening on the plane. These disadvantages do not reduce the value of this material.
The leading position in terms of flexibility is ash. Plasticity of the rock is advantageously used in the manufacture of structures of stairs and railings.
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There are several main features of the tree, as the material for the railing:
Versatility. Wooden fences are well combined with glass and metal interior items. They perfectly complement the design of the stairs, the lining of which is made of composite materials. With proper choice of color and texture, the railing of wood can comfortably “side by side” even with marble steps. Actual in the arrangement of both the flight of ladders and their screw designs.
Environmental friendliness. The natural origin of the material determines the demand for such rails. They are relevant to the design of housing, children’s institutions and hospitals.
Aesthetics. The texture of natural wood is always interesting and attractive. The decor elements made of wood are varnished and advantageously emphasize the self-sufficiency and respectability of the situation in the room.
In the arrangement of spiral staircases, railings play the role of a protective and supporting element. And in the design of marching designs, the wooden fence is also a useful surface. In the design of the flight of stairs used wooden railings, made in the classical style. The traditionally reserved luxury of such a fence is expressed in strict elements without decor. Also often found a similar style with the use of carving and painting.
An important style-forming detail in the arrangement of staircase structures is railings. Type of construction should correspond to the design of the room, most often the design of the railing – an accent in the decoration of stairs. Imitation of primitiveness – attributes of the interior in the style of country. A railing-fence emphasizes the original design of the staircase of a country house.
Provence style suggests concise lines in the design of stair railing. Pastel color scheme is appropriate here. Often used forged parts, which in combination with wood creates a sense of sophistication and elegance. The modern design welcomes the decision to combine elements of two different styles. This is how an exclusive interior is born.
The decoration of exclusive luxury interiors is the modern style. Curved or broken steps are complemented by scenic railings with elements of waves, branches, and patterns resembling a landscape.
At the entrance to the house is traditionally present a certain number of steps. If there are three or more, then the porch is required to equip with a railing. This is important to ensure the safe movement of people. In most cases, the outer staircase fence is performed by combining different materials. The main condition is to choose a material for the porch that is not affected by the environment:
the supports are formed of brick, stone, concrete or metal;
handrails are made of plastic, wood or composites;
in the decoration, they use plastic, glass, wooden or forged parts.
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Quite a common type of fencing for the porch are railings made of wood. The material is relatively inexpensive, of course, depending on the breed. Convenient to use: it is comfortable to hold on to it in frosty weather, and in the summer heat the wooden handrail does not heat up. However, this material will not serve as long as, for example, stone railing.
Comfortable movement on the stairs will not be safe without railings and smooth handrails. These visible framing elements of interfloor staircase structures immediately catch the eye. On straight one-swing, pivoting or spiral staircases, wooden elements play an independent game, be it a step made of pine or a handrail made of oak. Warm, good quality, natural interior light, and a deep color palette – this is not a complete list of the advantages that wood has over other materials.
Handrail and railings are structural elements of slightly different significance. Replacing one word with another will not be entirely correct. The handrail is the front, upper, connecting element of the railing, on which you can lean on top of your hands and help yourself to overcome the distance between the floors. A railing is a common building envelope that prevents falling. Railings include balusters and handrails, connected in a single decorative and functional frame.
Elements of the stairs should be in harmony not only among themselves but also with the surrounding interior.
Steps serve as a support when moving up the stairs. Railing – fencing design, ensuring safety when moving. Consists of balusters or racks with filling and handrails. Handrails are the upper horizontal part of the railing.
Wood is an amazing material that can combine the most diverse elements. The steps made of wood are in perfect harmony with the same wooden handrails. Moreover, the deep and rich color of the wood steps should be repeated on the supporting elements. It does not matter from what material balusters, swivel pedestals or central support are made.
Wood is a beautiful, stylish and docile material. Pine, oak, larch are malleable. Wood brings warmth and softness to the strict and rigid forms of stair structures in general, and railings in particular.
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However, the following 13 things about wood railing you may not have known :
1. With the help of handrails, you can climb and descend the stairs.
2. Railings are also helpful in preventing accidents.
3. Railing helps keep your balance.
4. Handrails also help maintain balance for older people when climbing a ladder.
5. They also play a crucial role in the aesthetics of the home.
6. Wood is an ideal natural material.
7. The advantage of the wooden railing is a wide choice of materials.
8. Wood railing made with quality materials.
9. Wood railing does not cause allergies in young children.
10. It has a wonderful clean smell.
11. Wood railing creates the effect of old country houses.
12. High-quality coverage allows them to serve for a long time.
13. Includes both a quality look and ease of use at the same time.
Wood railing is considered durable, reliable and eco-friendly, because they are made of strong wood, such as pine, oak, beech, ash or larch.

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